Daily EBT Check-in

Take a deep breath and check-in with your feelings.

Ask yourself:

“Right now, what is my stress level?”

I Am:

  • State 1: Feeling Great
  • State 2: Feeling Good
  • State 3: Feeling A Little Stressed
  • State 4: Feeling Definitely Stressed
  • State 5: Feeling Stressed Out

Select one of following options:

  1. Accept your current state and click here.
  2. Use a tool by clicking on the corresponding state below and following the steps.

State 1: Feeling Great!

Sanctuary Tool
(Deepen and strengthen that state of being present and with joy)

Take a deep breath.

Maintain a good poster. Lovingly observe yourself.

Connect with your sanctuary, the safe place within. Feel a wave of compassion for yourself.

Feel a wave of compassion for others.

Feel a wave of compassion for all living beings. Feel a surge of joy!

When you have finished, click here.

State 2: Feeling Good

Feelings Check Tool
(You are at State 2, aware of your positive and negative feelings.
Use the Feelings Check to get to State 1.)

Ask yourself, “How do I feel?”

(Select 3)
Angry, Sad, Afraid, Guilty, Tense, Tired, Hungry, Full, Lonely, Sick, Grateful, Happy, Secure, Proud, Relaxed, Rested, Satisfied, Loved, Loving, Healthy.

Which of those is my strongest feeling?
(Your strongest feeling points to your most important need)

What do I need?
(What is my corresponding need?)

Do I need support?
(To meet that need, what support could I ask for?)

When you have finished, click here.

State 3: Feeling A Little Stressed

Emotional Housecleaning
(You are a little stressed. Use Emotional Housecleaning to clear away the negative feelings and to become more aware of the positive feelings that are under them.)

Complete the following sentences:

I feel angry that…

I feel sad that…

I feel afraid that…

I feel guilty that I…

I feel grateful that…

I feel happy that…

I feel secure that…

I feel proud that I…

When you have finished, click here.

State 4: Definitely Stressed

Cycle Tool
(You are in the Brain State 4, definitely stressed. This is a moment of opportunity to weaken stress circuits and to build circuits that bring you joy!)

Just the facts ma’am…

State the facts about why you are feeling stressed. No feelings. Continue until your feelings become very strong, then continue on. This stress offers a moment of opportunity to change the way you process the daily stress of life.

Begin the Natural Flow of Feelings. Express your feelings strongly for optimal rewiring. Feel your anger in your body, and then express it using short, choppy statements.

I feel ANGRY that…

I feel SAD that…

I feel AFRAID that…

I feel GUILTY that…

My unreasonable expectation is…
(An unreasonable expectation is an old circuit that was encoded early in life or later on during stress. Once you know what it is, you can begin rewiring it.)

My reasonable expectation is…
(The new circuit is the opposite of the old one. e.g. “I have to be prefect.” becomes “I do not have to be perfect.”)

Your brain is very open to change now.

This is a moment of opportunity!

Say (aloud or to yourself) or write down your new expectation 10 times.


When you have finished, click here.

State 5: Feeling Stressed Out

Damage Control Tool
(You are in the Brain State 5, stressed out. Use a nurturing inner voice and repetition to quiet that circuit and to ease your stress.)


Say the following 3 lines over and over to yourself until you feel your stress fading.

Do not judge.

(I will not judge myself. I will not judge others.)

Minimize harm.

Know it will pass.


When you feel the stress fading, click here.


You completed your EBT Check-in!

Feel a surge of JOY!

Each time you disrupt your current pattern of processing the daily stresses in your life, you are improving the way your brain works.

Keep up the good work!